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Kristie Lummer Wood

I started personal training with Todd in May 2012. My dad was literally in the hospital passing away from complications of his obesity. My eyes were opened that I needed to make a difference in my health. Since then my life and body has changed 100%! I personal train with Todd two days a week (and have never done the same workout twice), I train Jiu-Jitsu three days a week, and I do kickboxing four days a week! The atmosphere at Evolve Martial Arts HB is so welcoming, and we are a family here! Come in and be a part of this amazing journey. You will not be sorry!!

Tony Valente

I was fortunate enough to be trained by todd from the age of 5 to 13. During that time, he molded me into the man that i have become today. I can’t say anything more than i give him the utmost thanks for taking me under his wing at such a young age and teaching me not only what i know about martial arts but being a man.

Óli Oso

Very nice people and solid jiu-jitsu technique.Wish I could have trained more while I was there but still learned a bunch from you guys from only a few classes. Will definitely come back and train in the future.

Brendon Robert Schmoll

You want the right trainer when you are learning something completely new, or when you want to advance your skills beyond what you thought was possible. I am 8 months in and I am in better shape, in both body and mind. A personal instructor for your personal journey.

Paul Facer

The first day i trained with the artists at evolve i felt like i was a part of the family. The humility throughout the gym is amazing. I feel more at home here than any other martial arts gym ive been to. Very humble and down to earth people. Thank you Todd for the lessons.

Dianne M. Burns

I have been doing jiu jitsu here for a year and a half 2-3 times a week. I have learned so much and I’m grateful to our coaches,Todd and Scotty. It’s a great place to train, come join us!!

Tiana Phillips

Todd’s studio has such a warm inviting vibe. Todd is very professional, friendly, encouraging, a great teacher and role model. His energy is motivational and his attitude is contagious in a positive way. I highly recommend the studio the teaching and the atmosphere of the studio to train, learn and grow!

Joe Greer

Evolve martial arts has an excellent coaching staff very welcoming very instructional the lower level guys and girls are competing at a very high level the instructors really work with you and make sure you understand all the instructions given

Dr. Stephanie Green

I first signed my kids up as soon as they were old enough. When we saw how much they loved it and all the health benefits it gave them practicing martial arts, my husband and I joined too! I first did my research looking all over Huntington Beach for the best studio. Evolve Martial Arts is a large, clean, modern dojo and Sensei Todd Aimer is energetic and motivating. My kids have learned self discipline and respect through their martial arts training. They have self respect and good self esteem. Evolve studio has classes for everyone and I feel that my husband and I set a good example for our children by training alongside them. We are a martial arts family and proud to be at Evolve!!

Danielle Martin

Jiu Jitsu Black Belt / True Bounderies

Anything Todd does, he does it well and right! Always a smile, a good attitude and a never quit mentality. Humble and kind. The way of a true warrior!!

Todd Aimer. You have amazed me of late. Loved every moment spent with you and your family in the last 10 years of friendship, but in the last 4 days (since Trey signed up) I am in complete admiration for you and your studio Evolve. Your heart and soul is poured into bettering each student and their experience every moment of the day. Your studio is immaculate! Your studio is gorgeous! Your ability to instruct is unlike any other! The level of respect shown in your studio is commendable! Watching it makes one want to be part of it! Proud to be part of it! Thanks Todd!!! Thanks for helping guide and mentor the future in our children.