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22 February

Evolve Kids Jiu Jitsu

What to expect from Evolve Checkmat Mission Viejo & its Coaches : There's no safe zone here for your child . Here , your child WILL be pushed to the edge, he/she WILL be tested to their very limits , your child WILL lose. Your...

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19 February

Evolve Nogi Jiu Jitsu

Go to the link below to see the full video . https://youtu.be/tsV7Cpm8rBo

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24 December

Raul Focanti Gi & Nogi Seminar

Obrigado (Thank you) Professor Raul Had another great Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt ,Raul Focanti from Checkmat Santos Brazil , come share with us some amazing techniques with our Evolve Checkmat Mission Viejo Team . A multiple time World Champion in Gi and Nogi Competition...

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13 December

Why Kids Should do “Jiu Jitsu” instead of the other stuff …

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Discipline, respect, confidence, self-defense, excitement, friendships. One of the most prominent martial arts in the world involves all of that – and possesses a friendly, learning-focused environment that builds character. In times when children get used to looking at computer screens, videogames and...

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14 November

Evolve Checkmat Mission Viejo Competitors Dominate at The Jiu Jitsu World League Southern California Championship 2018

Photo Gallery Continue reading “Evolve Checkmat Mission Viejo Competitors Dominate at The Jiu Jitsu World League Southern California Championship 2018” »

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06 November

KELLY SLATER comes to train at Evolve Checkmat Mission Viejo

11x World Champion Pro Surfer and most winningest Competitor in History , Kelly Slater says "Put your kids in Jiu Jitsu before other sports . And today he came in and trained with our Evolve Checkmat Mission Viejo Team and will be back soon ......

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17 October

Blakes Jiu Jitsu Journey

This little guys journey started at our @evolvecheckmatmv #summercampalmost 3 years ago. When he came to me he was shy , timid , scared of his own shadow and probably didnt fee like he fit in . And today his shadow is afraid of him and he #smart #strong #fit #confident#respectful #humble #proud , #jiujitsu#warrior and...

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11 October

Azusa Pacific Jiu Jitsu World League World Champs

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23 August

The Benefits of Training with Evolve

When you think about the benefits of training at your academy here is ours ... To train with some of the best Jiu Jitsu practitioners in the world . When you think about the best Jiu Jitsu Fighters and Instructors in the world , Think...

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22 January

Professional Baseball Players at Evolve MV

Professional Baseball Players Royce Lewis , James Needy and Trevor Charpie came to train with us thanks to Strength and Conditioning Coach and IMG Coach Brian Wade. Focus , Concentration , Balance , Patience, explosiveness and Teamwork ! "The recipe for Success" IMG_3696

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